Information Security Instructions for Personnel


Information Security Instructions for Personnel

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Introducing the organisation – VAHTI's task

The Ministry of Finance is responsible for the steering and development of central government information security in Finland and has set up the Gov­ernment Information Security Management Board (VAHTI) as the body responsible for cooperation, steering and development in the area of central government information security. In its work, VAHTI supports the Govern­ment and the Ministry of Finance in decision-making and in the preparation of decisions relating to central government’s information security.

VAHTI’s objective is, by developing information security, to improve the reliability, continuity, quality, risk management and contingency planning of central government functions and to promote information security so that it becomes an integral part of central government activity, steering and perform­ance management.

VAHTI handles all the significant central government information secu­rity policies and the steering of information security measures. VAHTI also handles central government information security statutes, instructions, rec­ommendations and targets. All areas of information security are subject to VAHTI’s scrutiny.

VAHTI’s work has improved central government information security, and the effectiveness of its work is evident not only in the central government but also in companies and internationally. The result is a very comprehensive set of general information security instructions ( Led by the Ministry of Finance and VAHTI, a number of joint information security projects have been implemented with ministries and agencies. VAHTI has prepared, managed and implemented the central government information security devel­opment programme, in which significant development work has been achieved at a total of 26 development locations by 300 people appointed to the projects.

VAHTI promotes the development of networked operating practices in pub­lic administration information security work.

In addition to the central government, the results of VAHTI’s work are also widely utilised in local government, the private sector, international cooperation and everyday life. For three years in succession, VAHTI has been recognised with an award for exemplary work in improving Finland’s information security.